Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LCSG Sunday Ride 30102011

This was my second ride with LovecyclingSG, and another good one! The ride was led by Boo, and the planned route was ECP - Changi Village - Monster Gun! - Changi Chapel - Tampines / Simei / ECP.

For a few of the members, it was their first anniversary ride. On a sad note, we also observed a minute's silence for fellow rider Henry who has been called to God.

Sunrise at ECP

You can check out Taiwoon's account of the ride here, and also his photoset.

For this ride, I had chosen to go on the Dahon, and what a good decision it was! This is also the first long-ish ride for the Dahon, and I wanted to put it to the test.

At Changi Boardwalk

This Dahon is an 8-speed bike, and proved to be really useful when tackling the seemingly endless Changi Coastal Road, and also the killer slope up to Old Changi Hospital. I would have suffered a lot more on my 2-speed Brompton.

The Dahon developed some worrying creaking when going up slope once we hit Changi and I couldn't really figure out where it was coming from, but definitely around the stem / front fork area. On a more positive note, after dismantling the wheels / mudguard / chains and giving it a good clean, the creaking seems to have disappeared. Will continue to monitor in the time being.

The highlight for me though, was this:

LCSG rider Israwi Eshak - photo by Woon Taiwoon

Our friend Israwi came for the ride on his handbuilt cargo bike! It is still in the works, now only single-speed, but very promising and impressive! Really looking forward to see how it develops.

If you are interested in cycling, do join the Sunday rides. As you can see, all bikes are welcome!

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