Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Childhood Neighbourhood - Photo Essay

The weather was fantastic today so I got on the Dahon to visit the neighbourhod where I grew up.

En route from Tampines central

Our first family flat. Stayed here during my Kindergarten and Primary School Days

The Econ Minimart is now a bike shop.

No more sand at the playground. After playing, we used to buy ice lollies from the makcik on the third floor.

We used to play table-tennis here, but the tables are gone. We didn't have paddles all the time, so we used anything we could, even Tat Sing slippers!

Even the Mama Shop is gone.

The NTUC is still here, but now open 24 hrs.

A pinoy store? Integrated!

The video rental store is now half its size. And can handle your laundry.

I used to walk this long stretch many times, most of the time to buy our favourite chicken rice. The stall has long disappeared.

My primary school. Looks so grand now.

No more Dragon playground, but I guess the kids can now play when it's raining.

On the way back, grabbed some chicken rice from Afghanistan, one of the oldest and most popular food joints in Tampines.

Much has changed, some remain.


  1. Nice, that's why I keep doing the Sunday rides. Cuz alot of normal stuff u see are changing. And I don't want to mourn after they are lost. Keep on blogging bro!

  2. Thanks bro. It's a good personal exercise to document these things, who knows might be of some archival value when we are long gone.