Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crossing the Causeway

Sometimes you just run out of space / roads to cycle in SG. Go next door!

How did we do it?

We met up at Old Woodlands Town, which is practically next to the Singapore Immigrations. Most of us car-pooled with our foldies in tow. Parking from 10 am to 7 pm cost each vehicle less than $10 (on a weekday).

From here on, it was cycling all the way! We took the motorcycle lane at the immigration booths, and cruised past many cars jammed up on the causeway. For the uninitiated, I must give you a little warning - the slope leading up to the immigration booth on the Malaysian side is quite a killer. Nothing else quite like it to say, "Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia"!

First stop. Danga Bay is undergoing a lot of development. 

Touring bag, helmet, water, speedo - check!

Friendly roadside stalls.

Wan Tiger presenting his newly acquired Bike Friday

No worries - lots of space for cyclists

Checking out our neighbour's LBS

At Khass with lady boss

Aeon Bukit Indah. Park where you eat

Tune your bike in aircond comfort

Nothing like a flat tire to make a trip with friends memorable

Non-stop pit-stop for drinks and makan!

Hardy's secret weapon

Someone jammed his brakes just to get this photo opportunity
Overall, it was a really great experience. We basically made a loop from Singapore - Taman Perling - Bukit Indah - JB Town area and back. The distance was really short - just about 30 km, but there were quite a bit of slopes to deal with. I'd say this ride is suitable for an intermediate cyclist who is confident on the roads. Your mileage on the slopes may vary :)


  1. Hi, do you know where is the bicycle way to across the causeway to JB from woodland?
    is that same road with bus?


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